Let The Force Be With You!

U.S. government declares hoverboard unsafe,why?

Why they do that?It is just another peace of technology and if they think that they are unsafe they think wrong.Like every peace of technology there are good peaces and bad,so in my oppinion they should permit just the ones that are bad.This is simmilar thing like electric cigarette,some of them are with good quality and some are bad.You probbably hear about eletric cigarette explosions,but i also reserach that stories nd that people(probably not all but much of them) was playing with that cigaretes,changing parts,trying to upgrade it and all similar stuff.When they do that wrong it will eventualy explode like every peace of technology.They actualy build bomb.Same with card tuning,do that wrong and you will be…Actually you won’t be you anymore.So let’s back to hoverboards,if you choose little expensive one and quality you will do it right.Use it propperly and choose quality and that’s it you will be happy!Also check for product reviews you want to buy.Here is one review website for hoverboards and all electric vehicle,check it out: www.hluw.com .I hope I help you 🙂

Here are some for you:)


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